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Welcome to Leeds City Council's LocalView site

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You can find details of our services and facilities on these pages such as your nearest recycle or gritting bins, rights of way, polling station, one stop centres, police station, library, museum or galleries, registry office, community centre, play area, golf course or allotments or cemetery as well as aerial photos for all of Leeds.

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If more than one match is found you must click on a single location from the list and then view information about that area by clicking on one of the tabs above such as 'Find The Nearest' for your nearest facility or 'In The Area' for a more wider list of services. You can also view details On The Map.

To select a new address click on the 'Location Details' tab and put in a new address, or click the 'Start over' button at the top of each page to return here. Press 'Search' to again update your 'selected address'. You can return to the Leeds City Counicl Home page via the Return Home link at the bottom of each page.

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